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Josie's Apartment

Converting a tired 1990's apartment into a more open, inviting and livable apartment for Josie, her children and grandchildren.

This project used key pieces of joinery to navigate and conceal the awkward angles and spaces of the existing fabric through new living spaces, central kitchen and renewed bedrooms and bathrooms.

The renovation and extension to a 100-year old timber cottage in the leafy inner-Brisbane suburb of Bardon. Material selection and careful detailing for the extension were crafted to identify the new built forms from the restored cottage, with a dynamic connection between the two that addressed the street.

Textures and colours of natural materials were expressed and manipulated through a variety of finishing techniques, including lime-washing timber, and charring Queensland Cypress

Warburton Extension

Engle End Extension


Located on a beautiful property in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland, this extension to the rear of a relocated Queenslander takes advantage of the private panorama of the valley and mountains beyond.

The existing house lacks a connection to the stunning landscape, which the new extension seeks to capitalise on, with a large 'interior deck' and an intimate retreat below for the cold winter months.

SD.04 Proposed Elevations - Sheet 1.jpg
SD.04 Proposed Elevations - Sheet 1.jpg
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